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Our history with sustainability

Sustainability is in Lafuma’s genes. Reducing our environmental impact has always been a priority.
Since it was founded, Lafuma has always brought together nature lovers, who are mindful of bequeathing to their children a world where exploring is a pleasure. Now more than ever, this principle guides all our actions. And this pioneering commitment is part of a comprehensive programme: from the brand’s history to our eco-designed products and actions on the ground, as well as our active and dedicated community.



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This eco-friendly vision was quickly translated into acts.

In the early ‘90s, when the topic was anything but a widespread concern, Lafuma asked itself what role it should play to protect the environment. This formed the foundation of its commitment.
This eco-friendly vision was quickly translated into acts. On the ground, Lafuma began partnering with France Nature Environnement in 1992, and with WWF in 2000.
Product-wise, Lafuma developed its first recycled-cotton backpack in 1993, at a time when few companies were thinking about how their business impacted the environment.



Engagement Lafuma
Les dates marquantes entre Lafuma et l'environnement


Our eco-designed products

All our efforts today are supporting tomorrow’s target: a 100% eco-designed collection by 2025.

In the ‘90s, this vision yielded our first eco-designed ranges. We have since come a long way: today, 80% of our collection is eco-designed. These products are identified by our “Low Impact” label, which certifies their traceability and eco-design. This label covers a multi-faceted reality and unrelenting efforts: durable and high-quality products; certified materials; a guarantee that our animal-derived materials are responsibly sourced (we notably ban the use of fur, exotic leather, angora and silk and all our feathers and down are recycled); no harmful chemical substances (Restricted Substance List, RSL, based on Greenpeace Detox); being transparent about where we manufacture, and prioritising our own factories and others in Europe; our employees’ quality of work and their health; a product repair service, etc.

Engagement Lafuma Engagement Lafuma


Our actions on the ground

This environmental policy flows from the brand’s history and is reflected in our products. But how do we commit on the ground and protect our mountains, rivers and trails? By holding an action and awareness-raising day devoted to this cause, alongside our community.
For more than 10 years, Lafuma has gathered its community annually in Chamonix for the Responsible Mountain Operation, an awareness-raising day on how to reduce our impact in the mountains and urban areas. The event combines music and mountain-waste collection, and showcases eco-friendly initiatives in the valley.
In the space of 10 years, more than 28 tonnes of waste were removed from the mountains. Tractor tyres, ski-lift cables, beer cans, old discarded skis – nothing escapes the 1,000-plus volunteers who have taken part in the Responsible Mountain Operation since year one!



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An active, dedicated community

Lafuma is also a community dedicated to everyday action on the ground. The Outdoor Sentinels programme brings together lovers of the outdoors, travel and discovering natural spaces, who want to share their adventures while raising awareness of the need to protect these playgrounds.
They are men and women with a passion – walkers, meditators, travellers and photographers, alone on foot or bike, among friends around a camp fire, with their family in a van, etc. To become an Outdoor Sentinel, there is no need to be famous or have a huge number of followers. Being moved by the beauty of the great outdoors, and wanting to protect them, is quite enough.
Their mission? Share their adventures and message with their community: nature is our playground, it is time to protect it. With a tone that is upbeat but never sanctimonious, they opt for the awareness-raising angle: the beauty of nature, their taste for travel, the pleasure of being in the wild and sharing great moments, collecting waste, simple steps and best practices, protecting biodiversity, etc.
They make us dream, inspire us, and invite us to head off adventuring together. Their mantra? “Leave Nothing but Good Vibes”.



Engagement Lafuma
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In 1930, three brothers – Alfred, Victor and Gabriel Lafuma – created a namesake brand in their small workshop in Anneyron, Drôme county, southeast France.

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Engagement Lafuma

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