Save your skin with anti-UV clothing


Quand vous souhaitez vous protéger du soleil, vous pensez crème solaire. C’est un bon début !
Maintenant, ajoutez à votre arsenal de protection contre les rayons néfastes le vêtement. Lafuma vous aide à faire le bon choix…hoice…


I always wear long sleeves and pants

All items of clothing protect you from the sun, as fabric is a natural barrier. In fact, it’s the most effective type of protection. In climates with aggressive sunshine, I always wear long sleeves and pants – it’s the most radical solution for protecting yourself. Avoiding sunburn will definitely make the rest of your trip more enjoyable!” notes seasoned backpacker Sylvain Bazin.

Although he still makes the odd mistake despite his experience – his forearms are still red from his latest journey to Taiwan – Sylvain takes great care to protect himself from the sun. “I never hike shirtless, for instance.”

Lafuma has given of its clothing products a factor : UPF

To assist your strategy to keep out harmful sun rays, Lafuma has given each of its clothing products an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) so you know what’s what. “UPF 10 is the minimal level of protection, for everyday life, and UPF 50 is the maximum, to be used on snow for example,” explains product manager Michaël Svitex. A bit more detail: the UPF 10 rating means you can stay in the sun with uncovered skin 10 times longer before you get sunburn. “Thanks to the UPF rating, you can decide how much protection you need, depending on your activity,” adds Michaël. “So if you set off for a multi-day hike in the mountains, you’ll opt for a high rating. If you’re roaming around a city, a low rating will do.”



The UPF rating is determined by several characteristics of clothing. “A fabric’s weave, composition and colour all influence the degree of protection it provides,” explains product manager Camille Miquerol. “The lower the density of the weave, the more UV rays get through – for example, with a very openwork mesh or some lightweight women’s shirts. Also, polyester filters less than cotton or polyamide, and white filters less than black. ” Of course, these ratings are for guidance only. As with sun creams, their actual efficiency depends on skin type and sensitivity.

Lafuma uses no chemical finishes to increase this rating





Prepare for your sun-soaked summer

To best prepare for your sun-soaked summer, Camille and Michaël have drawn up a few tips to help you pick the most suitable model. 


For a hike at altitude, they recommend a Shift tee (UPF 10)and a Trackshell zip jacket (UPF 40).

And for a summer excursion? The quick-drying Rambler shirt (UPF 50) and Access shorts (UPF 30),); or you could switch to long pants if you’re sun-sensitive, or a long-sleeved Explorer tee (UPF 30). 

In town, the dark-cotton Escaper pants (UPF 50)and the Rambler shirt (UPF 30) will do the job perfectly.


And lastly, be sure to protect your eyes and pack the key item in your outdoor package – a piece of headwear, preferably in natural fabrics!” concludes Sylvain Bazin while pulling out his cap and sunglasses, as the midday alpine sun bakes our foreheads. A smart traveller is never caught short!