Go on a family road trip

Going on the road with your family makes you dream, but the days of jumping in a car without knowing where the wind will take you are now over. With kids, going on a road trip requires a little more organization. But after a year of global pandemic and hundreds of dreamy shots under the Instagram hashtag #vanlife , it's decided: this year, you are the one going on a family adventure!

Step 1
Define your itinerary and budget

Get information and choose the stages of the trip with your family

In France or abroad, for 3 days or 3 weeks etc. Before organizing, you need to define the destination, the duration and the budget. Why not offer your kids the opportunity to choose from among your top 3 destinations and activities on site? Involving them in the decision making process will help them enjoy the trip even more. Once you've decided on a destination, there's nothing like a travel guide to get inspired and start organizing.

Prefer long trips during rest periods for kids

You have defined the stages of your itinerary and divided the activities by geographical area. It may be a good idea to make your long trips at night or when the kids are napping. This will allow them to be more rested (and thus you too) and to better support several consecutive driving hours.

Plan free time for recreation

Leaving room for the unexpected and relaxation should also be taken into account in your itinerary. The program for a few days or half-days can then be chosen once you have left. It is also important to leave some free time for your kids to have fun every day.

Step 2
Choose a mode of transportation and spots adapted to your family

Travel by motorhome

The motorhome is the emblem of the itinerant group trip. And for good reason, it has considerable advantages for a family road trip: all the modern comforts gathered in a small but functional space; a quick access to everything you need; and another important asset: easy management of the kids’ need to go to the bathroom during the trip.

However, motorhoming requires vigilance on several aspects. It is important to make sure the roads are always accessible with such a vehicle. If you plan to visit several cities, it is better to opt for a means of transportation that is easier to store and park. You should also incorporate more refueling points into your road trip and think about overnight parking as well. Apps like Park4night are very useful to find this kind of practical information.

Travel by car

The advantage of a car? Reaching any place easily. If you need to rent a car, the algofly website allows you to find a rental car from wherever you arrive and compare several rates.

On the other hand, a trip by car forces you to reserve places to sleep. Another option is to pitch the family tent every night. In both cases, this implies a greater organizational rigor and a higher budget. Besides, cars with more than five seats are rare, and the rental must be well anticipated if you are a large family.

Travel by van

Who hasn't dreamed of going on a trip while looking at the pictures of converted vans on social networks? Even with your family, it's possible! It's even the right compromise: the van allows you to move around freely as you would do with a car but with the practical advantages of the motorhome. However, be careful about the same aspects (supplies and parking places). Blacksheep offers you to book vans adapted to your needs.

Step 3
Think about the administrative part during a road trip abroad

If you want to go on a road trip abroad, it is better to plan your administrative checklist according to the country or countries you want to visit:

  • Make sure that your whole family has a valid passport.
  • Find out about health coverage. For example, consider applying for a European Health Insurance Card.
  • Make sure your baby's vaccinations are up to date.
  • Find out about any border crossing formalities.
  • Remember to take a telephone and internet package adapted to the country or countries you are crossing.

Step 4
Pack only the essentials and get organized

On an adventure like this, every cubic inch of space counts. So use bags instead of suitcases, which take up more space, and pack only the essentials.

Make a precise list of the clothes that each member of the family can bring. No jealousy: everyone is on the same page! The best way to get your kids involved in the preparations: making a checklist of what they can take and check it off as they pack.

Warm clothes usually take up the most space. It's better to invest in a quality fleece and jacket than to bring several useless sweaters. For more information, read our article :"How to choose your fleece" ».

It can be useful to put in a separate bag all your essential items such as sunscreen, fleeces and waterproof jackets, first aid kit... By being easily accessible, this bag will prevent you from unpacking too often.

Finally, it will be necessary to think of planning the meals. The space being more than limited, it is better not to count on improvisation in the kitchen.

Step 5
Organize activities

Create a logbook and memory box for the whole family

Take along a notebook in which you and your kids can write about daily adventures. You can also give them a disposable camera to capture the best memories and make a photo album when you return from your holidays.

Before your big trip, you can suggest that they paint memory boxes in which they can collect everything that arouses their curiosity during this road trip.

Plan pre-trip playlists and find games to play on the way

To make trips more enjoyable, get the whole family involved in creating music playlists before you leave.

Several games can be played on the road to entertain your children, such as "Guess what I'm thinking" or "The color game".

Discover the constellations

Finally, after your busy days of hiking and other discoveries, admire the sky after dark. The Skymap application will be very useful to help your kids discover the constellations above their pretty little heads. Amazement guaranteed!

Because there are only great adventures, Lafuma accompanies you on all the ones you want to undertake. Up to you!