The health benefits of hiking

Much more than a simple leisure activity, you may not realize how much hiking can do for your body and mind! Its practice, accessible to all and inexpensive, has multiple benefits for our health, at any age. No wonder some doctors recommend it. If you lack the energy or motivation to put on your walking shoes, we share these 8 health benefits of hiking, which resonate even more after a year of global pandemic.

Benefits of hiking
to your physical health

1. You improve your cardiovascular system by hiking

Hiking is THE ideal activity to maintain and improve your cardiovascular system. The heart is the engine of our body by sending blood to all organs. Hiking trains the heart muscle and helps reduce cardiovascular disease by improving blood pressure. It also increases the good cholesterol by lowering the bad one.

2. You train your muscles by hiking

An endurance sport par excellence, hiking can be practiced over a long period of time and requires a constant but not intense effort. It allows you to maintain all the muscles of the lower body without putting too much pressure on the knees.

It is better to bring hiking poles to relieve some joints, especially on terrain with a lot of relief.

3. You boost your immune system by hiking

Sports practiced in moderation, such as walking, help develop the body's immune system. This is especially true for walking in a natural environment because certain molecules released by plants, such as phytoncides, have a positive effect on health.

4. You strengthen your bones by hiking

By walking, you stimulate the production of bone tissue, which in turn strengthens your bones. Hiking is just as beneficial for young people who are growing and building their bones as it is for older people whose bones become weaker over time. Hiking, which increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis, is a very complete sport that helps to reduce pain in general.

Benefits of hiking
on your mental health

1. You reduce your stress thanks to hiking

Hiking reduces nervous tension and anxiety by stimulating the production of endorphins, the hormone associated with feelings of well-being. These beneficial effects of walking in nature can also be linked to the phytoncides released by the plants. According to several experiments, these molecules would have the capacity to decrease stress by causing a relaxing effect. By lowering the cortisol level and the heart rate, you improve your well-being and you feel happier and more serene. Not to mention the vitamin D you get from direct contact with nature.

2. You maintain your brand brain in good health by hiking

Walking keeps your brain cells healthy. Hiking allows you to oxygenate your body and contributes to the good functioning of your brain. This helps to prevent degenerative diseases and to restore cognitive functions.

3. You recharge your batteries and maintain social links

While walking, you can enjoy the benefits of daylight and recharge your batteries in contact with nature. The feeling of serenity offered by hiking is comparable to several sessions of meditation! Not to mention the primordial notion of pleasure linked to the experience of hiking.

Hiking is not only good for socializing but also for safety. With family or friends, hiking is a time for sharing and conviviality, especially at picnic time!

4. You are more creative

Your brain and imagination are stimulated by the wide open spaces and the beauty of the landscapes you cross. If you walk for several days while roaming, and if the disconnection with your phone is almost total, you will be more creative and will have many new ideas!

To feel all these benefits on your health, it is recommended to walk at least half an hour three times a week. You got it: the best way to feel good about your body and your sneakers and to find your feet is to put on your hiking shoes as often as possible!