For the new


We are harming Mother Nature.
Yet, our kids deserve to enjoy her.
This is a family affair.
Do we have a better plan?
#What’s up for future?

Lafuma has been active in protecting the environment for 35 years.
We could go into the whys and wherefors.
But there’s no time to look back.
We want to consider what lays ahead.
#What’s up for future?

In 2020, we do less, but better:
We delve further into ecodesign,
We place it at the heart of our design, of our innovations.
We undertake projects of the Outdoor Sentinels community,
We carry on with our ground level activities,
We support our partners in arms,
We donate 1% to a healthier planet,
We set goals and strive to reach them,
We know our limits but strive eclipse them.
#What’s up for future?<br/
We are not perfect. But as pioneers of eco-responsibility,
We have a role to play,
We have a responsibility to fulfill,
We have the power in our hands,
To help Mother Nature reassert herself.
Let’s set the wheels in motion,
And leave our children a world worth exploring!
#What’s up for future?