Lafuma supports the NGO Naturevolution

Lafuma supports the NGO Naturevolution to protect the biodiversity from exceptional natural sites which are endangered.

Lafuma and Naturevolution
renew partnership

The NGO Naturevolution is a team of passionate people headed by scientist, adventurer and wildlife photographer Evrard Wendenbaum. They work for the conservation of the biodiversity of exceptional natural sites which are not widely known yet but already endangered. Naturevolution explores, protects and increases awareness.

ONG Naturevolution
ONG Naturevolution

The NGO was founded in 2009 and started a partnership with Lafuma the same year. This mutual commitment has been renewed year after year for the last 10 years, serving as a guideline for the brand.

Lafuma supports the Naturevolution expeditions
in Madagascar and Indonesia

At Lafuma, committing to nature feels responsible. A priority since our beginnings, this commitment is now complete: ecodesigned products, fieldwork, an active community. The same happens from a philanthropic standpoint, Lafuma supports different sides of the environmental cause: climate, natural areas, pollution, wildlife. These four elements are addressed when supporting the work of Naturevolution.

Lafuma supports the Naturevolution expeditions in Madagascar and Indonesia, places with a unique biodiversity which are endangered today. While the brand outfits all scientists and volunteers going on missions, it has also financed the work of five rangers during a year in the Massif du Makay (Madagascar).

ONG Naturevolution
ONG Naturevolution

Naturevolution joins forces with Outdoor Sentinels
to act and raise awareness

This partnership is the occasion to proudly welcome Naturevolution, represented by Evrard Wendenbaum, to the group of committed ambassadors Outdoor Sentinels. Their missions share the same purpose: act and raise awareness to protect the environment.

On the one hand, acting:

With Outdoor Sentinels, Lafuma supports environmental project holders. With Naturevolution, Evrard and his teams invite eco-volunteers to take part in their field work expeditions. During the mission, these eco-volunteers adopt the roles of Outdoor Sentinels.

The Zero Waste Project from Naturevolution is also a reminder of the daily work of Outdoor Sentinels, always checking on uncontrolled landfills.

Finally, the ‘Lost Worlds’ protected by Naturevolution face constant pressure on their renewable resources (poaching, fires, land clearing, etc). The NGO has set up a patrolling system with rangers, an initiative which is supported by local authorities.

On the other hand, raising awareness:

Synergies go beyond action. This partnership is a way to raise awareness and convey the message. This is a community, a movement, a voice. Passionate people unite to defend the beauty of open spaces and remind us of the urgent need to protect them.

With his documentaries, among which feature the beautiful ‘Madagascar, expédition en terre Makay’, all giving us a precise insight into what Evrard Wendenbaum does: opening the doors for us into a world of biodiversity treasure and taking care of it for us and the future generations. The documentary can be seen on Arte.tv