NUNAVÜT Sleeping bag

The sleeping bag that innovates in use and comfort

Lafuma now presents the Nunavüt, its new sleeping bag, which innovates in terms of use and comfort. Adopting the design features of the cocoon, it is intended for nomads, adapting to all the family with its three sizes: single, double and kid.

The Nunavüt’s strengths

it’s carried sling-style and is easy to transport.

once filled with a puffer jacket or similar, it turns into a cushion. Also, the inclusion of a full-length zip lets you fine-tune your ventilation, stick your legs out, and enjoy greater freedom of movement.

With its soft polyester fabric and a soigné silky feel around the head, the Nunavüt is the comfort champion across all categories. Its fabric also ensures optimal quality and durability.

Who’s the Nunavüt for?

The Nunavüt is designed for all nomads – whether they’re setting off for a week-long camping trip, a weekend at friends’ or a night outdoors. We now know that 80% of sleeping bags are used less than five minutes away from the car!
With its three sizes - single, double and kid – It adapts to the whole family and to all your needs, so you can enjoy adventures without giving up the family cocoon. It’s also a great fit with the recent trend of glamping, which offers hotel-grade comfort out in the open air.

Low impact
An eco-designed sleeping bag

The NUNAVÜT sleeping bag, treated with a non-polluting water-repellent coating without PFC and insulated in TECHNOWARM® LOFT resists humidity. Its material also guarantees optimum quality and durability.