Collection Lafuma automne hiver 2021

the men's collection


As our world and community evolve, so does Lafuma. Acting as a link between past and present, our brand identity has been reconsidered for the future. Inspired by its historical roots, it clearly reassorts our message, our words, our graphic line, to create a common base. Our guideline remains the same: since our creation, nature is the reason why we're here.

“Share your nature” celebrates nearly 100 years of sharing the great outdoors.

Waterproof jacket Shift GORE-TEX
Waterproof jacket Way
Long sleeves tee-Shirt Shield
Windbreaker jacket Windlight Limited Emission

The best sellers

The iconic bestsellers have been reworked. Styles were reviewed, designs were rethought, materials were changed, but what the brand knows how to do best was retained: functional, technical, but accessible products.

Ecoleaf Waterproof jacket
100% sustainable

The Ecoleaf is made of 100% recycled polyester, with a recycled membrane (50%), a 100% recycled polyester mesh lining, all components, zippers, buttons, cords, woven labels are also made from recycled materials!

Limited Emission
Iguazu Fleecejacket

This season, we are introducing our Limited Emissions collection: a creative capsule that focuses on color and design, and limits carbon emissions through upcycling.

Limited Emission
Windlight jacket