Outdoor Sentinels is a community of outdoor enthusiasts who want to share their adventures, while raising awareness about the protection of these playgrounds.
Jean-Hugues Gooris - Outdoor Sentinels
Jean-Hugues Gooris
Jean-Hugues is a young humanist traveller. Multi-awarded director for his film "Balkan Cyclo Adventure", his travels are for him a treasure trove of learning and emotions that he shares through stories where brotherhood, open-mindedness and the realization of his dreams are in the spotlight. His mantra? "When nothing is planned, anything is possible! ».
Céline Ducrettet - Outdoor Sentinels
Céline Ducrettet
All you have to do is look at Celine's Instagram account to understand her relationship with nature. In life, she is discreet and laughing, and rarely in front of the lens. But behind the lens, she shares with us the immensity and majesty of the mountain, at her favourite time of the day, the sunset.
Thibault Liebenguth - Outdoor Sentinels
Thibault Liebenguth
Thibault is the father of two little blond heads who love spending time outdoors more than anything. Alone or with his family, he explores the incredible potential of the Alps where he has lived since birth. A sustainable development consultant at AIR coop, president of the environmental NGO Protect Our Winters and a contributor to Chilowé (a group of micro-adventurers), he likes to get lost in nature and do better with less.
Zuzi Podolska - Outdoor Sentinels
Zuzi Podolska
Hiking, running, climbing, snowboarding, cycling, travel, volunteer, teacher, communication manager, etc. Zuzi is a bit of a superwoman. Former professor of biology and volunteer in children summer camps in Bratislava, the issue of transmission is particularly close to her heart. In life and on social networks, she raises awareness of environmental issues and invites us to practice responsibly.
Ludovic Fremondière - Outdoor Sentinels
Ludovic Fremondière
In search of beautiful light, Ludovic enjoys the present moment. He supervises photo shoots by sensitizing his audience to the preservation of nature. Passionate about images, he thinks they are the witnesses of change.
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Samuel Csáder - Outdoor Sentinels
Samuel Csáder
Samuel has dedicated his childhood to Lego constructions, dreaming about distant lands and Indiana Jones adventures. Nowadays, he combines those two. As an urbanist, he's part of the big scale Lego constructions in Bratislava. Pushing sustainability in this field is his highest priority, trying all he can to shape the urban environment in the most responsible direction.
Charlotte Moutier - Outdoor Sentinels
Charlotte Moutier
Going on an adventure, riding a horse, crawling in the mountains, breathing the fresh air of the ocean, discovering the local terroir, photographing her memories, etc. In Bordeaux, Charlotte has enough to smile about. In the Tourist Office where she works, she introduces visitors to her territory and defends the protection of the environment on a daily basis.
Nam Cheah - Outdoor Sentinels
Nam Cheah
Nam is a third culture millennial who grew up in Hong Kong. She had always been an outdoor kid, but her appreciation for mountains and rocks was cultivated through her MSci Geology degree. Her academic background gives her insight into climate change and she tries her best to be as eco-conscious with her travel and daily life choices. Both passions carried on when she became a travel writer and tour guide.
Anaëlle Marot - Outdoor Sentinels
Anaëlle Marot
Anaëlle is an activist and adventurer. With her Azur Project, she travels the Mediterranean coast by bike and kayak and organises waste collections with local associations and volunteers at every stage. In 2020, she plans to clean up 57 sites, meet around 30 associations, federate more than 200 participants and travel more than 1,000 km. For Anaëlle, indignation in the face of climate change can be transformed into positive action and everyone can take action at their own level.
Anaïs Hayar - Outdoor Sentinels
Anaïs Hayar
Anaïs, the most precious thing about her is time. Free time, time free of constraints, time suspended. To make good use of it, she spends it in nature with Adrien, also an Outdoor Sentinel and co-founder with her of the collective Les Explorers.
Albert Casanovas - Outdoor Sentinels
Albert Casanovas
For Albert, a day at home is a lost day. His greatest fascination has always been the mountains and nature. Addicted to new adventures, he needs to continually explore new horizons and, with his camera explain to the world what we should care for and preserve.
Adrien Plaud - Outdoor Sentinels
Adrien Plaud
Adrien is a photographer in Paris. When he leaves the hustle and bustle of the Capital, it is to listen to the silence of the wide open spaces. With Anaïs, also Outdoor Sentinel, he is the co-founder of the collective Les Explorers, which brings together outdoor photographers in search of the wildest spots in France.
Grégory Mignard - Outdoor Sentinels
Grégory Mignard
A fervent defender of the "Leave No Trace", Grégory is a photographer and video maker based in Brittany. The more time he spends behind his lens, the more he becomes aware of the power of images. They are the ones who inspire and challenge. Father of a little girl, he is anxious to leave her seasides along which it is nice to stroll.
Outdoor Paschionists - Outdoor Sentinels
Outdoor Pashionists
Jakob (3), Nora (4), Kathy (39) and Peter (39) are a little family-clan, who loves the outdoors and travelling in a campervan in South America. On their blog, they blog about their outdoor adventures. Peter et Kathy teach Jakob and Nora to leave nothing but good vibes.
Patrice Villemejane - Outdoor Sentinels
Patrice Villemejane
As a child, it was with his grandparents that he discovered the joy of walking, on the hiking paths of Auvergne and the Cévennes. His love for his territory, the Massif Central, led him to create the blog Les Terres du Milieu. As an ecologist activist and a member of the Mountain Wilderness association, he has made soft mobility a hobby horse.
Sergi Unanue - Outdoor Sentinels
Sergi Unanue
Sergi Unanue is a young adventure journalist. He is a full-time traveller who explores the world through local people and continuously challenging himself. For him, his new life is a realization that fears should never be bigger than dreams, and that there is still so much yet to be discovered, including oneself.