Outdoor Sentinels programme
What’s Outdoor Sentinels?
Outdoor Sentinels is the name of a community. A movement. A voice.
A community qui s’unit pour protéger la beauté des grands espaces.
A movement that is growing, to bequeath to our children a world where exploring is an enjoyable experience.
A voice that speaks out, calling people to action.

Outdoor Sentinels is a collective of outdoor enthusiasts who are taking steps to protect their adventure playgrounds. Who share their efforts through pictures and travel diaries. They are men and women with a passion – walkers, photographers, urban dwellers and travellers, from different backgrounds and countries. Behind this banner are real people who make up a tight-knit community, working together on awareness-raising and action initiatives – and who remind us that any project is built on a human bond.

Why Outdoor Sentinels?
The Lafuma brand cut a pioneering figure in terms of eco-responsibility.This commitment fits into a comprehensive policy, reflected in acts: eco-designed products, CSR policy, field actions, community.

In the field, Lafuma runs international-scale events. The Responsible Mountain Operation, a day of awareness-raising and waste collection in and around Chamonix, has delivered tangible results: since the first edition 12 years ago, more than 2,000 volunteers have removed 30-plus tonnes of rubbish!

Lafuma is now handing over to its community. In a symbolic move, the members of the Outdoor Sentinels collective gathered at the latest edition of the Responsible Mountain Operation on 7th September 2019 for the programme’s official international launch.

Their mission? Take action in the field and mobilise support on social media. Their mantra? “Leave nothing but good vibes”. As ambassadors of responsible leisure and the joy of exploration, the Outdoor Sentinels are Lafuma’s voice out on the ground. They invite us to head off adventuring, and to all be actors of change, by joining the #outdoorsentinels movement.