Urban Apparels

Want to buy some Urban clothing items with a Lifestyle vibe for your next urban excursion ? Welcome to the Lafuma website, where you can discover our full range of clothing items for urban use. Lafuma’s Urban and Lifestyle range has been designed to offer maximum comfort as well as fusing sleek style with very fashionable cuts. Head off to conquer the urban jungle with rugged, technical and stylish Urban clothing items !

Lafuma Urban and Lifestyle clothing items

Our brand takes pride on offering you functional, comfortable garments with fashionable colours and cuts, to accompany you wherever you go. The Lafuma range of Urban clothing items is ideal for lovers of city walks and urban adventures. The fabrics used to make our walking products are breathable, robust, water repellent and enhanced by anti-UV finishes. Our Urban clothing items come in several models and various colours, so you can find the perfect model for your city-centre trip. What’s more, our range of Urban and Lifestyle clothing items is made to low-impact principles under the Eco-life programme, to equip walking enthusiasts while respecting nature and the environment.