Histoire Lafuma


A brand dear to French hearts

In 1930, three brothers – Alfred, Victor and Gabriel Lafuma – created a namesake brand in their small workshop in Anneyron, Drôme county, southeast France. By inventing the metal frame, they revolutionised the backpack. This model, used by France’s first recipients of paid leave, became the icon of a new carefree spirit and was a feature of early leisure activities. This background has earned it a special place in the hearts of French people and of adventurers the world over.



Histoire Lafuma


In the collective unconscious, Lafuma is a maker of memories

In the collective unconscious, Lafuma is a maker of memories: it’s Grandfather’s pack, the schoolchild’s pencil case, the gear for families’ first camping trips... Lafuma is an inter-generational storyteller and a reminder of good times shared.

Over the years, the Lafuma brothers expanded their expertise to camping furniture, clothing and footwear. Now based in Annecy, the team revisits the collections while retaining the savoir-faire that brought the brand international renown. Though never backward-looking, Lafuma builds bridges between past and present while focusing strongly on the future.



Histoire Lafuma


A technical legacy

The mountains were Lafuma’s very first playground, and mountaineering history reflects the brand’s pioneering flair for equipment. In 1953, its famous “Tyrolean” backpack ascended Everest on Sherpa Tensing’s back. Aged 39 at the time, this Nepali was the first man, with Edmund Hillary, to reach the mythical summit via the Tibetan south face.



Today, Lafuma designs its collections for adventures both ordinary and extraordinary.

In the technical department, seasoned alpinists have also assisted Lafuma in developing its products. To name but one: Gaston Rebuffat, a leading light of French-style mountaineering, who was long Lafuma’s chief technical adviser.

Today, Lafuma designs its collections for adventures both ordinary and extraordinary. We all have our own Everest.

But the curve of a garment, the details of a backpack or the sketch of a boot always conveys the technical performance and stringent standards that mountain environments demand.

Histoire Lafuma Histoire Lafuma


Histoire Lafuma


Values rooted in history

Since 1930, we have revisited our collection and updated our products. Our values, however, have stayed the same: authenticity, sharing and accessibility are at the heart of our daily work. In the 1990s, we embraced two further values: protecting our playgrounds, and raising awareness of the need to enjoy leisure responsibly. We share this vision with each member of our community, mindful of offering future generations the inspirational feeling of the great outdoors.
This background has fostered our taste for adventures – and whether they are ordinary or extraordinary, in the mountains or the city, and in daily life or on your travels, Lafuma is your loyal companion, inviting you to take off: “Away has never been so close”.



Histoire Lafuma


Offre Lafuma

Sustainability is in Lafuma’s genes. Reducing our environmental impact has always been a priority.

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Whether you’re a mountain lover, an occasional hiker or a traveller, you will find what you want in Lafuma's offering.

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