Every day is a journey
There’s nothing like souvenirs to conjure a moment, an emotion, or an encounter during a journey.

Although they often take the form of on-the-hoof photos or preciously kept tickets, here at Lafuma we prefer stories. And so there’s nothing like journeying through Lafuma’s history for the sneak-peek launch of a limited-edition iconic collection, designed for adventurers who are nostalgic for yesteryear but curious about the future!

Can you guess what type of product it could be?

Discover more clues through our series of stories :



The year I tasted freedom




We straddled our Vespas with a light heart and a pack weighed down with stuff – just about everything, and maybe too much… It was a new feeling, escaping our daily life for the very first time, without really knowing what lay in store. The fear of the unknown, you say? No, the excitement of escape! It was summer 1936, and the first paid holidays in France. We weren’t going to the far side of the world, and we didn’t have much cash in our pockets – in fact, the route itself was the adventure.

Drop in again on 31 July for story number 2!


In my father’s footsteps




There are no photos on the walls, no stash of souvenirs. He tells his stories through his hiking gear, and primarily his backpack. He has an original way of talking about it, as if it were his best ally, which stood the test of time without ever once letting him down. The pack is showing its age, and nowadays it speaks volumes about my father’s entire youth, spent up summits, which I am getting ready to equal. (Matterhorn, 1999)



So, have you guessed which product could be unveiled in our Lafuma limited edition? Discover the end of the story on 7 August !


Out to conquer the horizon



I had heard about its singular beauty, a blend of wilderness and accessibility. New Zealand should, they say, be discovered step by step, like a treasure hunt. With only essentials in my pack, I travelled the country’s hidden and forgotten roads, far from tourists. Setting off for the other end of the world was no longer just a dream. Today it was real. The reality of a genre of which you never tire.

A nature-packed story

Because every journey begins by filling your pack, and Lafuma’s story also began with the creating of a pack, it was totally natural for us to reconnect with authenticity and with our technical legacy through our all-new Le Sac Lafuma range.

Inspired by the first backpacks designed in the ‘50s, Le Sac Lafuma is the companion for all your everyday adventures.



From 8 August, check out our limited-edition collection: iconic packs that give you the urge to go travelling and never, ever stop ;)