Collection Lafuma printemps-été 2021

the women's collection

A colorful and responsible
Spring-Summer 2021

The overall spirit of the Spring-Summer 2021 collection is clear: contemporary colors, cuts and prints, functional and technical details, eco-friendly design modes, all at the service of your off-road, outdoor and urban adventures.

The bestsellers

The iconic bestsellers have been reworked. Styles were reviewed, designs were rethought, materials were changed, but what the brand knows how to do best was retained: functional, technical, but accessible products (Essential, Anti-Mosquito, Access).

Limited emissions

This season, we are unveiling our "Limited Emissions" collection, a creative capsule that gives pride of place to color and design, and limits carbon emissions through upcycling.

Banner limited emissions

For this small series, we reinterpret our heritage with creativity: graphic lines, sweetened palettes, patchworks of vitaminized colors, all in a playful and innovative spirit. And who says limited editions says... original creations! These clothes and backpacks are unique: by their small series, by their design, but also by the way they are conceived.

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For women, the Lafuma logo sheet is revisited in an oversized floral print in camo style. From the sweatshirt to the dress and windproof jacket, this feminine print with a Japanese spirit asserts itself alongside pastel colors whose pink, blue and green tones lighten the silhouette down to the detail of the hood lining.

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Motifs print femme collection printemps-été 2021


Lightness, ventilation and comfort: the Active silhouette has been designed for movement and sport. An ideal combination of technical specificities for a sports range, this versatile silhouette will bring you comfort and freedom of movement in the outdoor effort but also in your daily urban travel.

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This collection with its adventurous spirit will take you far! Light but very resistant and technical, it is (par)made for your hikes and long hikes in hot weather, but also for your summer evenings with friends. We like its vegetal repellent treatment against mosquitoes. Based on geraniol of plant origin, this very useful treatment for hot countries is long-lasting since 60% of the active ingredients are still active after about twenty washes.

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If there was to be only one, it would be this one! Lafuma's iconic range of functional, technical and yet accessible products. Lightweight and breathable shirts and pants, waterproof and windproof jackets, technical t-shirts: the Essential Outdoor offer is the ideal panoply for all your outdoor and urban adventures. In the mountains or on weekends, they will be your best companions.

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The Natural silhouette is THE range for those who are looking for eco-responsible products that are very comfortable to wear. Their composition in natural textile fibers is exemplary. In terms of design: contemporary colors, cuts and prints, technical functional specificities but accessible, all in the service of an all-terrain, outdoor and urban comfort.

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